Having a Hard Time Selling Your Home Saint Hubertus?
Having a Hard Time Selling Your Home Saint Hubertus?

Having a Hard Time Selling Your Home Saint Hubertus?

Contrary to public perception, honoring St. Patrick, regarded as the patron saint of Ireland, is not synonymous with the “wearing of the green.” Many Saint Hubertus countries Patron Saint of Hunters Medal celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with religious ceremony or in secular style and this vibrant shade is a constant presence at international festivities. Indeed, the United States has played a substantial role in establishing ‘green’ as the popular color for St. Patrick’s Day.

Yet bright and bold green is considered an unlucky color by many Irish citizens. Some associate the shade with a previous flag of Ireland when Saint Hubertus the country did not enjoy freedom. The “wearing of the green” can, however, trace its roots back to Ireland. For generations, Irish people would tuck shamrocks in their coats on March 17 – the anniversary of St. Saint Hubertus Patrick’s death in AD 433. The tradition changed throughout the years until just a stylish splash of green or even the slightest touch of the shade became the accepted practice.

Modern tributes to Saint Patrick continue Saint Hubertus to focus on ‘green’ but brilliant white, lustrous silver, gleaming gold and pretty pink can provide new color and unique symbolism in his honor. Irish First Communion dresses are the most Saint Hubertus intricate examples of honoring St. Patrick – and often (although not always) without the slightest hint of green in sight. Whether a First Communion service coincides with St. Patrick’s Day or takes place just before or long after his feast day, Irish First Communion dresses celebrate the saint, his faith, loyalty, and perseverance as well as his adopted country of Ireland.

White bridal satin Irish Communion dresses may feature sheer overlay with embroidered shamrocks. Often tea length dresses can have a layer Saint Hubertus of tulle underneath to add fullness. The communion dresses feature exquisite detailing such as sheer bows and pearl accents.

Every little girl will feel special wearing a communion dress with a princess drop front waist, slightly scooped neck, and a scalloped embroidered hemline. Full veils fall gently in glorious Celtic style and traditional Irish beauty. Soft, sequined shamrocks with pearl accents adorn flowing tulle.

Little boys can wear classic white suits with shamrock Communion ties and Irish-themed armbands. The shamrock is seen as an Irish good luck charm and a symbol of Ireland’s journey but it also bears a significant connection to St. Patrick. Using the shamrock as a teaching tool, Saint Patrick taught the mystery of the Trinity with its three religious entities – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

First Communion accessories also shine the spotlight on Saint Patrick. Brilliant white venise shamrocks with pearl centers are scattered across a bridal satin First Communion purse. White shamrock gloves look wonderful on that special little girl.

From sterling silver St. Patrick medals and Celtic cross rings to golden chains and shamrock pins on boys’ white satin armbands, Irish Communion accessories reflect a strong faith and rich heritage. Saint Patrick is also credited with the creation of the Celtic cross. While explaining Christianity, the Christian missionary drew a cross through a Celtic circle representing the Moon Goddess. Even today the circle of the cross holds special significance to the Irish people as it symbolizes the endless nature of God’s love.