How can I get back the data of the messenger?
How can I get back the data of the messenger?

How can I get back the data of the messenger?

Messenger is a messaging and communication application used to keep in touch with your near and dear ones. It comes with our free service. This allows us to send messages, calls, photos, videos, voice, location PINs and messages to acquaintances free of cost.

Facebook is a popular social networking site in the world. With the help of Facebook in the beginning, we could share photos and videos by texting. But later in 2014, Facebook messenger was separated and it was named messenger or Facebook messenger. Facebook Messenger was launched for iOS & Android phones in July 2014, and Facebook Messenger Lite was launched in April 2017 so that those whose phones do not support Facebook Messenger can use Messenger Lite.

Messenger download rules are mentioned below;

1.You have to search by typing Facebook messenger from Google play store. 

  1. It needs to be downloaded and installed on the phone or laptop. 

3.After installing, you have to click on the open option. If you have a Facebook ID, it will be automatically signed in & click on continue option. 

4.Your phone will have the option to synchronize Saved contact. 

5.Then 3 options will come, each must be allowed. 

6.Then the option to update the phone number will come.Then, you will update your phone number. 

7.Then the message will show and to complete the installation, click the ok option. 

Sometimes data is accidentally deleted from messenger and if the data is necessary, it needs to be recovered. And data recovery in messenger is very easy. Below are the ways to recover the data of the messenger;

  • First you have to go to the login page of your Facebook account and then you have to login to your account. After logging in, you have to go to Facebook’s Settings page.
  • Settings page has lots of options.  Since you want to download messenger data, you have to click directly on the “Your Facebook Information” option.Click on the “View” link on the right side of the option.
  • Click on the view button and you will see “Download Your Information” page.  On this page it is possible to re-download any data, files, images, videos, messages, posts etc. uploaded in your Facebook account.
  • Then go to Request copy and select “Date range”. Any day, month, year or any time from the beginning to the present can be selected.  Select the date as the image, video or message you want to recover was uploaded. 
  • Second, go to Media quality option and select High, medium and low media quality.  High means that the quality of your downloaded media files will be much better and low means that the quality of media will be bad.
  • Finally you have to select either HTML or JSON from the format option.  After all is done, directly click on the “Create File” option. 
  • Now the file will start to be created and we will have to wait for some time. Once the file is created and available for download, Facebook will be notified via notification.
  • After a few minutes, a notification will be shown and after clicking on the notification, will be taken directly to the File download page. At the very end of the selected date, all the video images that were data messages will be given inside a zip file which will be unzipped after downloading.

Finally, it can be said that the above process can easily recover the data of Messenger. This is the only official way to easily recover Messenger data.